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Who is US-Asians.Net?
Asian Pacific Americans (US Asians) who have the vision and goal to have our communities speak with the power of one voice with one mission to share with the general public that we are much more than the stereotypical images that are commonly and mistakenly accepted!


What is USAsians.Net?
An Internet Portal website whose purpose is to utilize the Internet to have the Asian / Asian Pacific American (US Asians) support, to dialogue, share information and communicate our common things we have seen with our eyes. We will reveal newsgroups, chats, e-mail, content, etc. to unveal more of the community's unique tapestry of life.


Where will US Asians.Net be seen?
Website will be known through various events that we will be part of, search engines, newsgroups, organizations, chats, in the media, press releases, sponsorships, etc. With the support of our strategic partners, we will be linked by many other important websites



Why US Asians.Net?
Our "Mission Statement" below states the various purpose and goals of US Asians!

To Serve as the central Internet location in providing accurate imagery in films, resources, articles, politics, artists, music, business, events and the history of the Asian Pacific American / US Asians communities.

To Facilitate an accurate understanding how a communities' past dictates past stereotypes, to providing additional insights to where our futures lie and that decides what actions are taken today.

To Communicate the dreams, endeavors, visions, goals and future of the Asian Pacific American communities.

To Provide (through our consultation, dialogue, events, panel discussions, etc.) an effective and accurate means of incorporating the US Asians / Asian Pacific American communities within the tapestry of the general public.

To Locate, identify and work with US Asians / Asian Pacific American organizations that want to participate in actions of providing unity for all our respective communities.


How will USAsians.Net accomplish this?
By utilizing the Internet (i.e. newsgroups, chats) to create dialogue between our various communities throughout the United States to the general public and providing accurate information and to effect change.

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