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Thung Phetakoune
Vincent Chin
What is a Hawaiian?

George Takei on Diversity

Indian Americans
Need to be Involved
Nightline on AsAm's
AsAm are not always Pre-Meds
Nightline on Immigrants
What Kind of Asian?
Yellow or Gold?

Minorities in Business

Demographic Figures

AA Churches
Chinese Church and the University
Reaching APA's in the 21st Century
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Integration of AsAm Churches
Navigator's AsAm Outreach
Promise Keepers and AsAm Christians
Leadership and APA Christians
Racism in Churches
Che Ahn of Harvest Rock Church
Multi-ethnic Churches

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Hate Crimes (1999)
Hate Crimes on the Rise

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David Henry Hwang Interview ("Up Close")
Joy Luck Club Sucks
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Ms. Saigon Issues
Struggle for Roles
Trouble w/AsAm Films
Vanishing AsAm Males

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President's Initiatives
White House Prejudice

21st Century Racism
APA Discrimination
Are you a "SCW?"
AsAm Females
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AsAm Identity Problems
Asian Attitude
Black Racism
Chinaman & the Chink
Color Blind World
Diversity on Campus
Racism - Angela Oh
Racism - Angelo Ragaza
Racism - Gary Locke
Racism - John Kim
Racism (Military)
Racism - Norman Mineta
Racism - Phil Tajitsu Nash
Racism - Steward Ikeda
Racism (Views)
Yellow Menace

Asian Male
Asians on Campus
Model Minority
Origin of Stereotypes
Yellow Fever (AmAm Females)
Too Many Asians!?!
Yellow Face

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Dreams, Stories, Passions,
Spirit and Soul

Of the Asian Pacific American Communities
through their story-tellers, authors and observers

TO DISCOVER OUR TRUE STORIES that provides an "Up Close and Personal" view of the stories, dreams, history, struggles, spirit and soul of the Asian Pacific American communities - one must read the words from our many story-tellers.

As a result, a personal invitation is extended to "experience" the stories listed below and "On the Left" for your review. Your many journeys will provide you many revelations, surprises, sadness and joys that are unique to the Asian Pacific American communities.


"CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES'" DIRECTOR (ERIC BYLER) STATED - My parents were the perfect parents for an artist. They nurtured my creativity, and never tried to indoctrinate me with absolutes. When I asked about God, for instance, my mother would begin with “some people believe.”
Read More>>>>>

ATHLETICS IN AMERICA ARE NO LONGER BLACK AND WHITE. In this new millennium, it is a bright color spectrum that encompasses all colors and races. It has extended beyond the borders of America and gone global.
Read More>>>>>

Dalip Saund

Discover Dalip Saund - a prominent Indian American politician and community leader by clicking HERE.

Anna May Wong

Read about ANNA MAY WONG - the first Asian Pacific American female movie star by clicking HERE.

  Philip Ahn's common look on the show KUNG FU z

Learn about one of the pioneering Asian Pacific American actors - PHILIP AHN.

WHEN THUNG PHETAKOUNE, a 62-year-old Laotian-American, was mortally wounded in the parking lot of a New Hampshire apartment complex on July 14, 2001 -- he died two days later -- the tragic event was immediately downplayed.
Read More>>>>>

I FEEL THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC, including literature professors and other intellectuals do not fully understand the Asian American, the rich experience that is a default action of their lives.
Read More>>>>>

"IT ISN'T FAIR." These words were Vincent Chin's last before he lost consciousness. The perpetrators were Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz, who blamed Japanese carmakers for Detroit's problems in the auto industry. Ebens was heard saying, "It is because of you little motherf*ckers that we're out of work!"
Read More>>>>>

CANTONESE OPERA is a traditional art form that involves music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics and acting. Cantonese Opera plays tell stories about Chinese history, traditions, culture and philosophies.
Read More>>>>>

AS A 4TH GENERATION Chinese American who grew up in Hollywood as a child performer doing TV sitcoms, movies, and a nightclub act in Las Vegas during the 1960s, I am well aware of the gap between how Asian Americans view themselves, and how non-Asians view us.
Read More>>>>>

IT SEEMS THAT WHITE GUYS are more and more "into Asian girls" than ever before. Some (mainly) white dudes are so enamored with Asian and Asian American females that they have developed what is often termed an "Asian fetish."
Read More>>>>>

MY EFFORT in the last few months to develop a network of resources and partners to awaken and empower the Korean American churches in . . . . has been an exciting adventure and a great learning experience.
Read More>>>>>

CALLED TO MY ATTENTION that very few people know what a Hawaiian really is.
Read More>>>>>

ON DEC. 7th, 1941 - Pearl Harbor (Oahu) was attacked by Imperial Japanese Naval forces at about 7:55am in the morning. Over 33% . . . .Asian Americans were among the first US citizens and residents casualties when America was thrust into WW2.
Read More>>>>>


Bruce Lee Montage, click here for more info

BRUCE LEE - learn about a great Asian American male star by clicking HERE.

Lea Salonga, click here for more info

Learn about the popular singer/actress seen in Ms. Saigon, Flower Drum Song and many others - MS. LEA SALONGA by clicking HERE.

Jet Li

Discover the history of JET LI whose star is rising quickly by clicking HERE.

Michael Kang

Uncover one of the fastest rising APA musicians - MICHAEL KANG from the music group "String Cheese Incident" by clicking HERE.

THE IMPACT OF ASIAN GOLFERS has resulted in the Asian culture's increase of interest in the game. According to current statistics provided by the National Golf Foundation, there are great increases of diverse interests in the game of golf.
Read More>>>>>

SOMETHING TRULY STRANGE is happening when a Mandarin language film opens in Seattle in just two art house theaters, then breaks out to 5, and then 12 theaters in the suburban multiplexes in just 3 weeks.
Read More>>>>>

NBC'S RECENT MINISERIES "The Lost Empire" provides a touchstone for looking at ways that anti-Asian sentiments are practiced. I say "sentiments" because at this point I am somewhat reluctant to label the movie "racist," at least until a fuller definition of the term is operative.
Read More>>>>>

ASIANS HAVE ATTRACTED LITTLE ATTENTION because, unlike African Americans and Latinos, they tend to eschew vociferous protest groups.
Read More>>>>>

SEVERAL YEARS AGO I was writing major in college with idealistic dreams of making it in the entertainment business. . . I was discouraged, depressed and frustrated that I received almost no support from the people I was trying to unite and represent.
Read More>>>>>

SEARCH FOR "ASIAN EXOTIC MAIL ORDER BRIDES" in, and one will come up with 195 hits. The mail-order bride business has been booming of late with over 200 agencies estimated in the United States.
Read More >>>>>

GREATEST IMPACT that Asian/Asian Pacific American heritage have on me, is the family morale and the drive to work hard to be successful. I believe we stick to our blood through thick and thin.
Read More >>>>>

WE ALL LAMENT how much catch-up Asian American church development has to do, so much of it barely or not even begun. How do we even talk about the issues?
Read More >>>>>

KIANA TOM STATED THAT HER ROLE MODELS ARE Goldie Hawn. . . . I love her bubbly personality, the way she brightens every room, she is like sunshine, she seems to have found the "balance" in career and her personal family life. . . . . Marilyn Monroe: what a feat to be so beautiful and to be attractive to men and women-not intimidating to other women.
Read More >>>>>

A FEW YEARS AGO, I WAS SURPRISED to see that the States was in a lather over "geisha chic"-which persists to this day. Chopsticks were stuck in heads fair and dark. Fashion magazines urged women to "Geisha-ize." Madonna, that fashion chameleon, appeared in a red vinyl kimono, with her hair in a sharp, asymmetrical bob that must be one of the hairstyles Hollywood thinks of as that "funky Asian chick 'do."
Read More >>>>>


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